From 1 December David Vig will join Amnesty International Hungary as the section's new director.

David Vig JD is a lawyer, adjunct of Criminological Department of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Elte University, where he obtained a PHD degree in 2004. Between 2011 and 2016 he was working at the Criminal Justice Group of Open Society Foundation’s Human Rights Programme and from 2017 he has been leading the Criminal Justice and Rule of Law Program of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

„I am proud of and excited about the prospect of being the director of Amnesty Hungary. My aim is to built a human rights movement together with the the members, activists, with the Board and with my colleagues, in which everyone - regardless of gender, age and social status - finds what can be done for a free and rule of law based Hungary”, said David Vig.

„2018 might have been one of the hardest years in the history of independent Hungarian civil society organizations. They have been targeted by the meanest and harshest governmental smear campaigns, we were listed and labeled, and two laws have been enacted that clearly aims at silencing and intimidating governmental-critical voices. The government has labeled us and everyone disagreeing with them as a traitor. But we are not afraid of them and we won’t hide in silence. We love Hungary, hence we stay here and work every day for a country that is a more open, free and livable place for everyone.

„I am convinced that there is a need for a Hungarian Amnesty which focus is even more directed at the deteriorating situation of the Hungarian rule of law, at the clampdowns on the judiciary and other independent institutions and at other local issues affecting us all. We would like to have a presence that is stronger than it has been before, a more conscious community and a stronger human rights movement, also outside of Budapest in order to more effectively tackle local human rights violations. Over the course of this job, I can rely on the work of the previous directors of Amnesty, and I am very grateful for that.”


David Vig was selected by Amnesty Hungary’s Board through a public call for the position, after interim director Julia Ivan’s mandate had come to and end in September. In the provisional period the organization has been led by Aron Demeter as acting director.

David Vig, director of Amnesty Hungary